| GEOS Sławomir Sobala was established in 1999 in Wrocław. Since 2017 we have been launching a new brand – ATV Europe.

Since establishment, we have been involved primarily in transportation and logistics services. We continue providing such services and added customs handling to our activities.
Over the years, we have performed a number of innovative projects in the Polish market. In 2013, jointly with Fun4Ever we carried out a simulator construction project. Afterwards, with the same partner we opened an innovative shooting range ASG/Laser and developed replicas of fighter aircraft models on the legendary World War II machines (Messerschmitt Bf 109, JAK9 or P51 Mustang). All the replicas and devices have been used to organise events in entertainment industry..

We have been cooperating with many entities in sales of IT, RTV, household application products (like AB SA, B2B) and in sales of toys (like REKMAN – a leading distributor of world brand toys). Geoline Logistic sp. z o.o. and HAS Logistics Sp. Jawna are our core counterparties in logistics . i HAS Logistics Sp. Jawna.


In 2017 we established cooperation with DSCompany Ltd UK, in the sphere of storage and sales of products in the entire European Union.

We own a large warehouse and office complex and a guarded parking lot for TIR trucks and vans in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska.


We have a number of contracts in Poland and abroad (Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany) where we get access to most recent technologies.

In 2016 we joined an innovative project called the ATV Winner aimed to launching an amphibious vehicle to the world markets. In 2018 the ATV Winner project was covered with legal protection with reference to its utility design and patent. The project has been pursued within the ATV Europe brand in cooperation with leading motor industry companies. Those include: D-sport (former Hellcars), GEARSTARAVTOROS , TRECOL, PINETYRE, VOiN4X4 or Ehang. The objective of the project is to launch an innovative technology to global motor industry markets that consists in combination of a displacement unit (pontoon) with the technology of low pressure tyres in one vehicle. The specialists of the R&D ATV Europe department, employed under the Winner project, keep working on combining advanced technologies with a modern design of the offered product. The innovative nature and reliability of the structure have been commonly appreciated by potential individual and institutional buyers in Poland and abroad.

We are also involved in sales of spare parts to the ATV vehicles in the European market as well as complete tracked vehicles used for commercial and private purposes.

As a result of our cooperation with the leader of the Russian track vehicle market - TERRANICA, in the near future we will launch an innovative product called Dreamtrack to the EU market.