The ATV Winner is a wheeled amphibious ATV vehicle (All-Terrain Vehicle) which can be used in any terrain. The ATV Winner was based on an innovative technology patented by GEOS.


The Winner vehicle has been designed so that its structure ensures free riding in extreme terrain conditions like:







The Winner is an air conditioned and heated all-year vehicle, protected against accidental damage, operating in extreme weather conditions. The vehicle has sufficient space to carry goods and people.



The Winner combines three core functions of existing vehicles:






The ATV Winner ensures carriage of people and goods to places which cannot be reached by other vehicles. The broad functionalities of the Winner make it useful for recreational and professional purposes. The ATV Winner is characterised with a tight-proof, aluminium body and huge low-pressure tyres that ensure safe riding in various difficult conditions. Now no similar vehicle is offered in the market.

The applied technology, the universal nature and simplicity of the Winner make it an exceptional solution interesting for buyers.


Core features characteristic of the ATV Winner vehicle:

•Low cost of stand-by condition of various functions to be ready to perform the tasks entrusted to them (instead of two or more vehicles, one Winner can be used instead).

•Improved safety in rescue actions.

•Reduced professional support of various specialities (operator of a wheeled vehicle, operator of a water vehicle, operator of a snow vehicle).

Commercial application of the Winner vehicle is an ideal solution for:

• event agencies

• film industry,

• companies involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of power, gas and fuel lines,

• companies involved in the management and maintenance of extensive field technical infrastructure,

• construction, land survey, geological and archaeological companies,

• inspections and control of facilities that are difficult to reach,

• companies involved in the management and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure.


Public application of the Winner vehicle

ATV Winner vehicles play their role anywhere where it is necessary to reach difficult terrain, irrespective of the weather and season of the year. The Winner facilitates deliveries of people and equipment in forests, in mountains, in wetland and over water. The comfortable cabin provides for easy monitoring of the patrolled area as well for deployment of research equipment, goods or rescue equipment. Additionally, the Winner in its rear part may be provided with a drone platform to perform work with a Quadrocopter in a safe manner. The drone can be used to view the patrolled area.

In case of natural calamities, e.g. floods, the Winners can be used to evacuate people and to supply food to people in the affected areas. The ATV Winner may also be used as a patrol vehicle, in deep snow, in flooded areas, in wetland. The Winner is an excellent edition to heavy specialist equipment combining the features of an all-terrain vehicle, a boat and a snow scooter.

With its small size and low unit contact pressure and very agile manoeuvrability, the Winner vehicle is ideal to carry on rescue actions.


Public sector buyers:

• Military

• Police

• Border guards

• Fire brigades



• State forests

• Research institutes, e.g. IMGW, IBDiM, GDDKiA

• Local administration bodies: municipalities, districts, provinces

• Fishing guards

• Public services

• Health service

• Crisis services

Private application of the Winner vehicle

ATV Winner vehicles provide an excellent solution for people actively spending their free time in an unconventional way. The Winner can be used to transport angling or hunting equipment to difficult terrain. It is possible to spend the time more comfortably while angling, watching nature or hunting, irrespective of the changing weather conditions. Depending on the version, the Winner may be with no top or provided with a hard top. The Winner is heated, it is provided with additional LED lighting and high-quality searchlights thus ensuring safe drives during the day and at night.

Winner are excellent amphibious vehicles to travel to all places where paved roads end and that cannot be reached by any other vehicles. The vehicle is also able to cross water reservoirs and wetlands, areas covered with lots of snow or frozen water reservoirs. Despite its small dimensions, the Winner is very capacious and practical. It provides for transport of a number of people and large quantities of materials.

 The vehicles are primarily dedicated for:

• business people

• hunters

• anglers

• travellers

• owners of vast land

• owners of forests, wetlands

• inhabitants of sites that may be difficult to reach at certain times

• off-road passionates and other terrain lovers

As the manufacturer, we do our best to provide our Customers with an offer to suit their individual preferences and needs. We are able to adapt a Winner to your personal requirements and the conditions in which it will be used. It is also possible to install additional accessories like additional lighting, integrated communication systems or specialist fixtures. We will do our best to meet the expectations of future users of ATV Winner vehicles.